Thermally Conductive FEP Tubing


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Many times we are asked, why fluoropolymers, when dupont is so evil? Well we agree that DuPont is literally a Di$ney villain, but they make a plastic that has an operating temperature envelope that perfectly coincides with cart filling, and is terpene safe. So we will continue to support this evil empire and their lawyers that send us loving cease and desist letters to keep in touch.

This is carbon impregnated FEP, which was probably made by grinding the ashes of orphans into the plastic’s formula, but we are only speculating. These orphan tubes are actually pretty useful, despite their ridiculous price. These tubes are 3 times as thermally conductive as FEP, which isn’t all that exciting for you if you aren’t running live resins or rosins. But if you are on the hunt for the best live resin vape filling device tube, then we will ask why you are looking for SEO terms, before selling you thee Thermally Conductive FEP Tubing, which is the best rosin vape filler tube.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in


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