X 1740 UNIDrive Homogenizer & G40V Shaft Homogenizer Kit (WITH STAND)


cart.farm is the only company to supply these shafts with the correct seals for distillate and terpenes. We even include the improper seals as a trophy so you can flex on all the fillers that bought their CAT 1740 from a laboratory supply company. All cart farmers who purchase the X1740 are entitled to a video chat displaying proper usage and maintenance to ensure a long life. Stands are also included now.

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The CAT Ingenieurb├╝ro, M. Zipperer GmbH. X1740 universal drive (UNIdrive) homogenizer, probe, retaining bosshead, stand and tool. Due to the wide speed range and the sealed shaft, this homogenizer is one of the few proper mixing solutions for distillate.

CAT Ingenieurb├╝ro, M. Zipperer GmbH. X1740 Homogenizer USAGE:

  1. Heat your distillate until liquid (80-100c),

  2. add terps,

  3. immerse probe in mixture past the stator (birdcage) seam,

  4. and turn that sucker on.

  5. After 20-45 seconds, you will have a perfectly blended solution.

  6. Remove the probe from the solution and use a spatula to recover material

  7. Remove the probe from the Unidrive by unthreading the probe retaining bolt counterclockwise. Pull straight down to clean safely:

    1. Twist the stator (birdcage) clockwise to remove
    2. Grip the rotor (twin knives) with the rotor tool
    3. Push the universal tool over the drive prongs and twist counter clockwise until the rotor fully unthreads
    4. Remove the ceramic slip ring and pull out the washer and oring
    5. Carefully place the washer, rotor, stator, spring, and ceramic slip ring into a shallow solution of acetone
    6. Clean the oring with a microfiber cloth dipped in c8 caprylic acid lubricant
    7. Clean the drive shaft with acetone and lubricate the ceramic with caprylic acid lubricant
    8. Drop the ceramic slip disk flat side down onto the drive shaft
    9. Push the oring down into the slip disk
    10. Drop the washer into the slip disk
    11. Push the spring over the slip disk and ensure the arm is nested in one of the slip disks retaining slots
    12. Thread the rotor back onto the drive shaft clockwise
    13. Thread the stator back onto the drive shaft counter clockwise

The homogenizer Unidrive X1740is designed in accordance with Safety Class 1 and built and tested in accordance with DIN EN 61010. According to these regulations the unit is designed to meet the requirements for safe and correct operations. To maintain the proper safety and operational functions of the instrument the user should follow the instructions and safety guidelines in the CAT 1000 manual.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in


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