Poverty Farmer

From $155 to $345

  • Glass syringe reservoir
  • Precision German Handheld Syringe
  • Useful for R&D
Reservoir Coupling
How you attach the syringe to the cart farmer
The heart of the cart farmer
The oil reservoir
Heat pad
The pad that heats the reservoir
The computer that controls the heat pad
Luer accessories
needles and couplers for cartridge and syringe filling
You never know


Cheapest Vape Cartridge Dispenser

USAGE VIDEO Manual cartridge filling with handheld dispensers used to be out of reach of casual vape enthusiasts,even with the value oriented cost of the cart farmer system. The Cart Farmer was designed to fix filling, as the worlds first stainless steel reservoir, heated, desktop cartridge dispenser. The Poverty Farmer was designed to make filling accessible, as the worlds second glass syringe reservoir vape cart/pod dispenser (after the thompson duke). The poverty farmer makes disposable vape, 510 cartridge, and vape pod filling cheap, as one can get going with a poverty farmer kit and heat gun for under $200. Furthermore, the Poverty Farmer retains many of the advantages of the cart farmer system such as:

  • Non-reactive reservoir
  • Fast and simple reloads.
  • Precise dosages.
  • Lower Price
  • Simple design

Finally, the Poverty Farmer cartridge dispenser uses a German made, HSW Unimatic adjustable syringe for a quality frame. The HSW syringe fills volumes of .2 to 2ml in 0.025 ml increments. Because of this, cartridge fillers can fill a wide variety of different atomizers, dab darts, vials, and capsules.

Using the cheapest glass vape cartridge dispenser

To utilize the Cart Farmer Series, one must simply:

  1. Preheat to your desired temperature and mix your vape cartridge blend. A good rule of thumb is 1 degree celcius for every 1% of extract in ones blend. (a 90% blend would be 90 degrees Celsius, while a 95% blend would be 95 degrees Celsius)
  2. Place 8ga needle on glass syringe reservoir
  3. Draw mixture into the glass syringe reservoir
  4. Detach 8ga needle
  5. Fire 3 slow shots into the stainless steel reservoir container to fully prime the cartridge dispenser.
  6. Cap the reservoir with the reservoir dust screen
  7. Fill cartridges until the reservoir is empty

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 6 in


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