completely useless page to prove a point

I wrote this entirely useless page to demonstrate using a loop of pages to get a thread on an obscure hash making forum, just to prove a point, I guess? the truth is, I’m just trying to get out of doing yard work, because it is hot outside (march in fl) and my girlfriend assumes when I am on the laptop I’m working. I have to hit a character limit, in order for this technique to take effect. Isn’t it ironic how I complain about leveling up the forum, yet I don’t stop doing it? Hahahahaha 8d chess baby. Anyways, This page is actually about the best place to get anything for your cartridge needs. The discussion on the best cartridges is on Future 4200, titled “Is 1/1̶ 5/2022 : the state of the c̶a̶r̶t̶s̶ farm”