The Mostly Glass Syringe (Large Luer-lock)


  1. 10-100 ml volumes availible
  2. Ground glass plunger
  3. Steel Luer Lock
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Glass Cartridge Syringe

The Mostly Glass Syringe (MGS) is a large glass syringe with glass plunger and steel luer lock. The full glass body construction allows one to utilize high terpene concentrations without  fear of leaching. This handheld syringe is useful for both cart farmers with their hands full trying to correct errors or even home scale cart gardeners trying to melt and fill their personal extract cartridges.

For Professionals


The all glass syringe allows a cart gardener to correct carts that either over or under filled or defective. Putting down tools to correct errors is a thing of the past. The AGS fills and adjusts simultaneously, empowering the operator of the Cart Gardener to multitask.  This flexibility assists in the adaptation from overfill correction, to under fill addition, to retrieving oil from defective cartridges. For professionals, the glass syringe is one handy tool!

For Enthusiasts

The MGS is a solution to vape enthusiasts everywhere, thanks to it’s simple design. You can now fill your favorite extracts into your favorite hardware. As a result, you are now your own cart plug, because you control the vape! To Cart Garden with the MGS, simply:

  1. Melt your extract using High heat (90c)
  2. Pool extract to one side of it’s container and place the nozzle of the cart gardener into the extract (a needle can be used)
  3. Pull back on the glass plunger to draw your extract into the cart gardener.
  4. Put the nozzle/needle into the tank of the cart you plan to fill
  5. Depress the plunger to apply your extract.

It’s that simple. Become the master of your oilpen and achieve portable nirvana!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

10ml, 50ml, 100ml


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