all glass cartridge – gCell



Brand: Aristech
Volume: 0.5 ml
Airflow: Bottom
Resistance: 1.4ohm
Oil Intake: 4 x 2.0mm

Materials used:

Tank: Glass
Center post : Glass
Coil: Quartz
Tip: Stainless Steel/PTFE (Screw in coil closure)

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The best all glass cartridge.

The gCell is a innovative glass body cartridge specializing in easy filling and capping, reliable action and high flavor definition.

The simplest cartridge

This glass body cartridge is the easiest cartridge on the market to fill and cap. This is due to the all glass cartridges’ unique vial style design. First, filling is as simple as shooting one’s extract against the sidewall. Second, capping speed is unimportant, because there is no space for leaks in the all glass cartridge body.

The tastiest cartridge

The coil delivers some of the best flavor on the market. This is due to texture and materials. Thanks to the fritted quartz porous structure; oils can flow into the coil easily for low heat vaporization. Quartz delivers amazing flavor because it is conductive and non-reactive. Finally, teflon seals keep the cartridges’ flavor amazing by not interacting with oils in the cartridge. This is opposed to silicone seals in other cartridges that leach into oils.  Don’t let your quality flavors be ruined by a low quality coil.

The sturdiest cartridge

Finally, the rugged gCell lasts four to five fills before needing a coil replacement.  The gCell lasts thousands of firing cycles, thanks to quality internals. The all glass, single piece construction of the cart is strong too. There is only one weak point in the tip, and as a result even nasty drops leave the gCell functional.

With all of these strengths, the gCell seems like a miracle cartridge! It is, and this is the best price all glass cartridge on the market too. Cart farm wants you to have your cake and eat it as well.

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